WP7 - Integration

Objectives: In order to enable the operator to evaluate the opportunity and the potential benefit of a stimulation treatment using the  RJD  technology,  the  results  of  the  previous  work  packages  will  be  analysed  in  predictive  capability  to  assess RJD performance for geothermal reservoirs. As a result, WP7 provides predictive modelling capability to interpret experimental results for WP4-6.

To this end the following integration sub-objectives are key, in close interaction with WP4-6:

  • analyse the water jet drilling process
  • analyse the stability of laterals in the ambient stress field
  • provide  predictive  models  of  connection  of  RJD  to  the  reservoir  (including  enhancement  through  stimulation/acidisation),
  • and based on these: to provide methods for up-scaling RJD enhanced flow characteristics in standard reservoir models to predict enhanced reservoir performance or provide methods to interpret RJD well testing results
  • provide assessment of enhanced reservoir performance for geothermal reservoirs
  • provide optimal designs for application of RJD for geothermal reservoirs